Print size and your camera.

Print quality and your digital images.

We are often asked if digital files you photograph yourself will be good enough quality to print and at what size.  Because there are a large number of ditial cameras and phone cameras, all of which are not created equal, we have created a chart to show the file and print size possibilites. 

It is very important to Inkdrop Arthaus that the quality of the images being printed are of the utmost highest. Our reputation is on the line for every print that goes out the door.

There is more to the quality of an image than just the megapixels and resolution.  Such as, sharpness and color correctness.  Most images can be color corrected if off but not much can be done for blurryness or extremely low resolution.

The chart below is a digital camera file resolution print guide. Find your cameras megapixel size and you will see the recommended print size and the maximum print size you can expect from your camera

Print Size
Print Size
3 14x10 21x15
4 16x11 24x15
6 20x13 30x21
12 29x19 42x27
16 22x33 48x33

There are some images with lower resolution that can be enlarged bigger than even the maximum size.  It depends on the subject matter. Sunset scenes, landscapes, abstracts, etc. images that don't need to be tack sharp.  The best way to find your images optimal print size is to email us to get a FREE file assessment.