Custom perforated window graphics.

Inkdrop Arthaus used perforated vinyl to print the graphics for the shop windows.

The prints have an optically clear over-laminate applied and are adhered directly to the outside of the windows. We can see out and the outside world sees the branding.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to add visual impact to a previously blank space. You can display photos, text, logos, and any kind of important information directly on your windows - opening up a huge realm of possibilities for advertising and exhibits. It's a very popular branding choice for company vehicles and storefronts. Putting up custom see through posters, signs, graphics, and other designs in your windows is a neat alternative to traditional posters or window paint that hide your view!

Besides creating some privacy, placing perforated window graphics in a sunny window you could possibly get the benefits of a lower utility bill because of the shade they provide.

Contact us to find how perforated window vinyl could help you.